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Since October of 2018, I have had the pleasure of working with PlantPop as a freelance videographer. PlantPop is a horticultural film studio that tells the story of people and plants.

In working with PlantPop, I film, direct, edit, and produce short videos centering around artists who work with plant based material in their artwork. As I continue working with PlantPop, I look forward to discovering and telling the stories of more unique individuals.

Nupur Das Gupta

Nottingham-native Nupur Das Gupta has a passion for gardening, but with limited space had to find another way to satisfy her desire for green. With the amount of praise she received from the moss wall she created, Nupur decided to create a business using her skills.

Hania Rzepka

The beauty of a flower is fleeting, but jewelry creator Hania Rzepka hopes to capture its last moments with her resin.

Friendship Plant Co.

Friendship Plant Company is all about building a community of generous people. The idea is that people get plants to share with others.

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